Macaw is a Brazilian range of wines created to celebrate life!

Macaw is a very friendly, uncomplicated wine that does not require the formality of a special occasion to be savored. With mild flavor, this young and irreverent drink is easy to enjoy. Macaw shows Brazil in the style of wines (tropical) and in the labels as Macaw is a Brazilian bird that lives in Amazon!
Enjoy the versatility of Macaw!

Macaw wines are produced by Vinicola Perini, a family-owned winery… The wines are more than wines, are family, love, and tradition in a bottle!

More than 130 years ago, the immigrants Antonio and Giuseppe Perini arrived in Brazil bringing from Italy the art of transforming the grape into wine, alongside with the image of the Holy Guardian Angel to bless the Valley where the Perini Family would live. They believed that their love for the land joined by the blessing of their Saint, would give a special taste to the grapes they harvested. Legend or not, since 1970, the Perinis keep on producing excellent quality wines. In 2012, Macaw was born, developed exclusively to the International market, the wines gained Brazilian consumers and they are now sold worldwild.

Pablo, Benildo and Franco Perini in the vineyards of the family
Generation by generation cultivating grapes and producing wines.
Perini immigrants back in 1876.
Perini immigrants back in 1876.

In the heart of Serra Gaucha... South of Brazil!

Macaw wines are produced in Serra Gaúcha wine region, responsible for around 85% of all the wines produced in Brazil. The winery is located in the sub-region of Vale Trentino, famous for producing excellent Moscatos.

Macaw is not only about wines, Macaw is fun, is made to people that like to enjoy life. Check out the events we are participating in 2016 … we hope to see you there!

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